Yo Gotti
Southern Rap

Cocaine Muzik 4 (2010)

Cocaine Muzik 2 (2009)

Cocaine Muzik 3 (2009)

Cocaine Muzik (2008)

Back 2 Da Basics (2006)

Life (2003)

Self Explanatory (2001)

From Da Dope Game 2 Da Rap Game (1999)
Yo Gotti was born on (May 16th, 1982) as Mario Mims, in Memphis Tennessee. Growing up in the northern part of Memphis, more specifically the Ridge Crest housing projects area, was not always an easy life style, after all this area is well known for it’s crime and more so the gangster ridden neighborhoods. Even though it may not have the most pleasant upbringing, it had a huge affect on Gotti’s lyrics later in life, with many of his songs based solely on Memphis’ more dangerous neighborhoods and what the gangster lifestyle is all about. Growing up in the 90’s gave Yo Gotti a great chance to mess around with lyrics, beats and styles, in depth. Many of the artists Gotti listened to throughout the 90’s, like Master P and his No Limit posse and N.W.A. have greatly influenced Yo Gotti’s style. Yet the most popular and probably the most influential styles would have to be shared amongst two of the rap worlds greatest, Dr. Dre and Tupac Shakur.

While Gotti has many great influences, one of his own styles or signatures would have to be his sexually explicit lyrics. These lyrics were not widely popular until a rapper from Oakland came to the scene and started spraying them. Too Short who wasn’t widely known as a gangster rapper did an awful lot to get these X-rated lyrics into the mainstream rap world, so you could say some of Too Short’s style also managed to rub off on Gotti and became yet another influence. In the late 90’s Gotti came out of the popular hip-hop school, Dirty South and was quickly becoming widely known as one of the best hardcore rappers in Memphis. Choosing his stage name, Yo Gotti, was a key factor for him, in Gotti’s case not
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